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You have my respect and trust until the time you lose it, then it will be damn near impossible to get it back and you'll wish you had it back.
I prefer the company of animals and nature, and a few select people, to the population in general.
Queer Pride and Feminism are about equality and human rights, not the superiority of anyone.
I am assexual. I identify as gender neutral/fluid and queer. I have some pretty crazy kinks, like whoa.
I have tattoos and piercings and plan to get more. I'm not in shape and I have some serious body image issues.
I have arachniphobia and trypophobia like crazy and my hate for pickles is boundless.
I believe in the spiritual but not in god.
Ask me questions or something.
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She’s wearing boy clothes. « 

This looked so much better when it was on my phone and tiny. 

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